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Cockatiel & Large cage - Sale » Birds » ParrotsAd number: 7699

Cockatiel & Large cage Cockatiel & Large cage - Sale
Date added: 19.05.2013, 11:25Displayed: 1847x

Description: I have for sale a male cockatiel 12 months old. Very friendly just a little nervous of hands. Will fly on to you, He will sit on your head, shoulder, arm. lap. He will eat from your hand. He is very vocal. He loves being out of his cage, we have him out all day every day. Comes with large cage, food, millet spray, wood chip, cuttlefish, water and food bowls, treats & cage toys. He loves a cheese and onion crisp now and then. He loves a lot of attention, which sadly I will no longer have time for with a baby on the way. He's good around young children. He would be a very good pet for someone who has a lot of time for him.

Price: 80 £

Locality: West Midlands

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Advertiser: Anonymous

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